Bean to Bar

There are 9 steps to turn cacao beans into chocolate bars - Sort, Roast, Crack, Winnow, Juice, Malange, Temper, Mold, Wrap.

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Bars in dark chocolate - 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or milk chocolate, with nuts, dried fruits, and other goodies.

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True and Pure

Our dark chocolate has only cacao beans and sugar. We don't use any emulsifiers, additives, or oils.

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Why Veritas?

Veritas means truth in Latin. That is our inspiration for creating a delicious product with only pure and true ingredients. It's also our commitment to only use cacao from Fair Trade farms.

Single Origin means we can track the source of the ingredients we buy to ensure quality, sustainability, and equity for the producers.

Craft means we treat the process and the product like the art form it is, hand creating each step of the way.

Artizen is our way of acknowledging the artistry of our work, with the zen of joy chocolate brings to the world.



Next Steps...

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